a. Helping our students climb the mountain to and through college and achieve their dreams is only possible if we know exactly how we are doing. Data helps us understand our true impact, what is working, and what needs to be improved. Our four Essential Questions provide a yardstick by which to measure our progress, keep us focused as we grow, and most important, help us keep the promises we make to our students and their families.
i. Question 1: Are we serving the children who need us?
a. Fortune School is serving 1,563 students in 6 schools in the 2015-16 school years. The data below is from our most recent report card which includes data from spring 2014 when Fortune had 5 schools.
987 students are eligible for federal or reduced-price lunch.
134 students receive special education services.
131 students are ESL.
ii. Question 2: Are our scholars staying with us?
Our focus is on creating schools where all students can thrive and where children and families want to stay with us year after year. We closely track student attrition because we know that a school losing a high percentage of its students is not a healthy school.

iii. Question 3: Are our scholars progressing and achieving academically?
We look closely at our achievement results to understand whether our students are on track to being college-ready, and if they’re meeting the high bar we’ve set—a bar that is now reinforced by the Common Core standards.
Consistent with state student performance, students at Fortune School performed higher in English Language Arts (31%) than in Mathematics (22%). African American students at Fortune School performed higher in ELA than their African American peers in Sacramento City USD, Twin Rivers USD and county-wide. African American students performed higher in math than their African American peers in the state, county, Sacramento City USD and Twin Rivers USD. Math however, is an area that Fortune identifies as a trouble spot for our students. We’ve compared Fortune School’s performance to Elk Grove, Sac City and Twin Rivers because these are the districts in which our schools are located. The state considers Fortune School one school with multiple sites so our student data is aggregated.
iv. Question 4: Do our teachers and principals reflect the diversity of our students?
Fortune’s teachers focus on building relationships with students and families; therefore, the diversity among our teachers greatly aligns with our desire to provide our students with a well-rounded high quality education.